Nishan TJ-1000

The NISHAN TJ-1000 is part of the INTEGRATED DYNAMICS HS-UAV series of high – speed aerial targets/decoys representing the next generation of air defense training and simulation systems.

The TJ1000 has a mini-turbojet engine and its thrust-to-weight ratio and performance make it a unique system. The airframes are modular and common features allow interchangeability of parts and easy interface of payloads and operational electronics. Electronic payloads and subsystems include video, GPS navigation, MDI systems, height lock, and sea-skimming modules.

A complete system consists of 6 UAV’s; a portable GCS-1200 Ground Control Station; the ATPS-1200 Antenna Tracking & Positioning System; programming and moving map mission display software; Spares and the GSE-1200 Ground Support Equipment subsystem.