Antenna Tracking Systems


The ATPS-1200 Tracking & Positioning Antenna System comprises of the ATP-1200 AZ/EL antenna pedestal, IDT-1200 heavy duty tripod assembly, and the ATS-1200 pedestal controller. The rugged system was developed to be transported in a HMMWV shelter. The pedestal is removable from the folding tripod. Eye bolts are provided for lifting, and a stow pin inhibits pedestal motion during transportation. The system can be provided with a receiver for data downlinks. Frequency bands from 1.2 GHz to 4.5 GHz can be accommodated. Multi-band operation is also available.


The ATPS-2000 is a complete vehicle tracking and antenna positioning system that utilizes our unique GPS-based tracking technology. The ATPS-2000 is a field-proven system that provides 359-stop or optional continuous 360 degree coverage in azimuth and -5 to +95 degrees in elevation. The ATPS-2000 is offered in a tripod mount version or with heavy duty pedestal mounts. The system comprises the AZ/EL antenna pedestal, IDT-2000 heavy duty tripod assembly, and the ATS-2000 pedestal controller. The system can be pedestal-mounted for multi-stacked antenna arrays/dishes or tripod-mounted for portable use with smaller antennas. This rugged system is easily transportable and has minimal electrical requirements. Easily deployable, a complete tracking and telemetry system can be ready for operation within minutes. Simplicity and ease of operation reduce crew requirements and operator training. Frequency bands from 27 MHz to 2.2 GHz can be accommodated. The ATPS-2000 can be installed on an expandable mast for extended range and over-the- horizon operations.