Ground Control Stations


The GCS-1200 is a portable, stand-alone, ground control station that offers UAV control, data linking and interfaces for the ATPS-1200 Antenna Tracking System. The GCS-1200 can track UAV’s out to a 100 km range and incorporates a PC, data display monitor, antenna driver interface, the GCR-1300 ground data receiver, and AC/DC power supplies. Simplified operation and mounting functionality in LandRover type vehicles make it a versatile and field-proven data centric system.


The GCS-2000 is a field-proven system that provides continuous transmission and reliable reception of UAV data. It offers a complete C-4I solution when combined with the ATPS-2000 Tracking system and our microwave telecommand and control and video & data links. This rugged system is easily transportable and has minimal electrical requirements.

Designed for UAV system C4I out to 250 km range without the need for repeater systems, the GCS-2000 can be ready for operation within an hour of arrival at the site. User-friendly software and setups reduce crew requirements and operator training. The GCS-2000 is designed around a ruggedised shelter with three operator stations for a Mission Commander, Pilot, and Observer or payload operator. Each station is equipped with hot-swappable PC’s for redundancy.