The HORNET UAV System combines field-proven airframes, with aerospace-quality composite construction, and the latest in microelectronic Flight Control and GPS navigation. This UAV has evolved over several years of field testing into a reliable, tactical surveillance system combined with our unique C4I systems to bring MIL-standard reliability to an affordable level. In the surveillance UAV role, the HORNET’s refined aerodynamics allow for extended loiter operation over targets. Pre-programmed ‘Smart Flight’ routines reduce operator workload and improve aircraft survivability. Compact and mobile – a complete HORNET system can be delivered on-site and is ready for operation in a short time span.

Ideally suited for tactical applications to 80 km, the HORNET UAV system has proven its multi-mission capabilities and reliability in a series of field trials ranging from experimental electronic payload test-beds, surveillance platforms and aerial targets.

The basic cantilever platform and composite structure provides a stable aerodynamic and payload-carrying configuration for the most demanding tasks. The option of conventional landing, or a parachute recovery system, greatly reduce operator training and improve aircraft survivability.

A complete system consists of 4 UAV’s; a portable GCS-1200 Ground Control Station; the ATPS-1200 Antenna Tracking & Positioning System; programming and moving map mission display software; Spares and the GSE-1200 Ground Support Equipment subsystem.