Border Eagle

The BORDER EAGLE is a low cost, low altitude surveillance system ideal for multi-mission capabilities.

Manufactured currently in its MK-II version, it is designed for area surveillance and perimeter control. It has autonomous navigation capabilities with complete mission recording on a Laptop PC moving map display.

With an endurance in excess of 4 – 6 hours, and its GSP-100 micro-PTZ gyro-stabilized electro-optic payload, it can be equipped for advanced detection tasks.

Detachable fuselage pods provide easy installation of varied payloads. The system is easily maintainable and a two-man crew is required for operations and deployment.

A complete system consists of 4 UAV’s; a portable GCS-1200 Ground Control Station; the ATPS-1200 Antenna Tracking & Positioning System; programming and moving map mission display software; Spares and the GSE-1200 Ground Support Equipment subsystem.