The SOLARIS and STRATOS are advanced civilian HAPS (High Altitude Pseudo Satellite) UAV systems that offer a low-cost alternative to conventional satellites. With an operational range of 200 km LOS (extendable to +1000 km transits on-station), the platforms are designed for military or scientific programs that require a high-altitude communications repeater, surveillance, or mapping platform. Able to operate at altitudes of 22 km (SOLARIS; 6-10 km/ STRATOS: 20-22 km) with their compact hybrid solar-driven powerplants – the SOLARIS and STRATOS challenge the competition with their refined aerodynamics, advanced flight control systems and highly developed data links.

Supplied with our GSP-100 gyro stabilized PTZ camera systems and COFDM datalinks, the platforms are designed to stay in the air for several weeks on hybrid solar + Li-Ion power. The SOLARIS/STRATOS airframes are lightweight and can be hand-launched and recovered by conventional belly-landing on un-prepared grass or dirt strips. The SOLARIS airframe can also be modified for vehicle rooftop launches with a Kevlar-reinforced fuselage belly pan. The simplicity and ease of operation greatly reduce operator training and improve aircraft survivability.