The SHADOW UAV system caters to the medium-sized UAV/RPV market. The SHADOW system offers modularity, ruggedness, and accessibility that is second to none in field operations. With payload capabilities in the 40 kg range, and a nominal price tag, the competitive edge is obvious. The SHADOW airframes use bulletproof Kevlar molded fuselage pans, Kevlar/Graphite reinforced equipment bays and side stress panels and high-tensile steel aramid-reinforced landing gears. A variety of payloads can be supported with the available onboard power supplies.

The SHADOW UAV systems were specially developed to cover a customer requirement for a family of modular composite airframes that could provide tactical surveillance capabilities in the 160-200 km range. Based on a classical twin-boom pusher layout, the aircraft can be equipped with a variety of stock or modified power plants, including tuned-exhaust and belt-driven modifications. All models support real-time video and data modules and flight avionics for at least 200 km LOS range applications.

A complete system consists of 4 UAV’s; a GCS-2000 Ground Control Station; the ATPS-2000 Antenna Tracking & Positioning System; programming and moving map mission display software; Spares and the GSE-2000 Ground Support Equipment subsystem.