Hawk MK V

The HAWK MK-V UAV System combines field-proven airframes, with aerospace-quality composite construction, and the latest in microelectronic Flight Control and GPS navigation. This UAV has evolved from several years of field testing of the proven HORNET 80 km range system, into a reliable, tactical surveillance system combined with our unique C4I systems to bring MIL-standard reliability to an affordable level. In the surveillance UAV role, the HAWK’s refined aerodynamics allow for extended loiter operation over targets. Pre-programmed ‘Smart Flight’ routines reduce operator workload and improve aircraft survivability. Compact and mobile – a complete HAWK system can be delivered on-site and is ready for operation in a short time span.

Ideally suited for short range tactical applications from 80-120 km, the HAWK UAV system has proven its multi-mission capabilities and reliability in a series of field trials ranging from experimental electronic payload test-beds, surveillance platforms and aerial targets.

The basic cantilever platform and composite structure provides a stable aerodynamic and payload-carrying configuration for the most demanding tasks. Wing hard-points and large access hatches enable different electronics or surveillance modules to be carried on demand. Light and fast, the HAWK series of aircraft can be powered by engines ranging from 15-25 BHP. A 4.25m (14ft.) wingspan and large payload area easily accommodate infrared, low-light and visible color video systems and still cameras. A low radar signature and refined aerodynamic design allows for extended operation over targets with minimal detection.

The option of conventional landing, or a parachute recovery system, greatly reduce operator training and improve aircraft survivability.