Flight Control Systems


The AP- 2000 is specially designed for flight control of low-cost or expendable UAV’s and aerial targets. The AP-2000 system offers superior performance without the complexity and cost normally associated with full-blown UAV autopilot systems. The autopilot provides conventional wing leveling, and height- lock features in a compact package and is easy to calibrate, with its AUTOTRIM feature, for a variety of airframes.


The AP-5000 provides the conventional wing leveling and height lock features of the AP-2000 with the addition of a GPS-based return-home and heading module in a compact package which is easy to calibrate for a variety of airframes not requiring the learning-curve of more complex auto-piloting systems.


The IFCS-6000 provides precise and stable flight control that greatly simplifies UAV flight operaton. By utilizing ‘Smart’ electronics, solid-state gyros and inertial sensors, our IFCS-6000 system offers superior performance without the complexity and cost normally associated with competing UAV autopilot systems. Total solid-state design significantly reduces electrical power requirements while increasing reliability and performance.A variety of airframe types can be accommodated without complicated adjustments and calibration usually required with conventional autopilot systems. The IFCS-6000 accepts command inputs from a laptop PC allowing UAV’s to operate autonomously or under remote operator control. Latitude, longitude, speed, heading, altitude, time, date, and waypointstatus, as well as video imagery, can all be continuously transmitted via data downlinks to ground control stations . Ground display requirements are minimal and require no more than a simple PC or laptop computer.

Multiple control I/O is supported by allowing sensor data to be displayed using INTEGRATED DYNAMICS unique SENSORVIEW software.


The IFCS-7000 is INTEGRATED DYNAMICS next-generation UAV flight control system designed for military users. It incorporates all the features of the IFCS-6000 and provides the added versatility of a 6DOF Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and GPS/INS interface. Sensor outputs can be viewed using our SENSORVIEW software. The IFCS-7000 also allows interfacing of payloads and on-board systems into a compact ‘smart’ electronics package and makes the UAV more intelligent by performing demanding tasks without external operator intervention. The IFCS-7000 also provides interface data for controlling our ATPS-1200 and ATPS-2000 Antenna Tracking & Positioning Systems. The IFCS-7000 is a low cost integrated flight control system incorporating navigation, stability, and control. These capabilities include airspeed hold, altitude hold, turn coordination, GPS navigation, autonomous takeoff and landing (with the LARS-1700 Auto-Land system). Extensive data logging and manual overrides are also supported, as is a highly functional command buffer. All feedback loop gains and flight parameters are user programmable. Expansion options, in the form of several customized modules, are available. A PC based mission simulator is also available for the IFCS-7000.