The VISION MK-II is a larger airframe in the VISION series that is designed to be a low-cost, stand-alone, UAV system element.

Capable of operations to a range of 120 km, the VISION MK-II offers a simple single-boom layout and cantilever high-wing configuration for experimental testing of payloads. The reliability and user-friendly characteristics of the platform make it easily adaptable to all our common ground control and tracking systems. Standard payloads like the GSP-900 or more complex types are easily accommodated.

A complete system consists of 4 UAV's; a portable GCS-1200 or the more robust GCS-2000 Ground Control Station; the ATPS-1200 Antenna Tracking & Positioning System; programming and moving map mission display software; Spares and the GSE-1200 Ground Support Equipment subsystem.


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