The ROVER MK-I is a pioneering effort to create an affordable civilian scientific, law enforcement and ENG (Electronic News Gathering) UAV system, with an operational range in excess of 5 km, and is designed for the researcher, academic professional or news crew needing information quickly and reliably. Able to operate out to altitudes of over 2000 feet (600 m) with a noiseless electric propulsion module - the ROVER is a robust UAV system. Its compact autopiloting system takes the hassle out of programming and calibration. The ROVER can be supplied with a sprcially modified GSP-100 PTZ camera system and telemetry downlink, and can stay in the air for over 1 hour* (* with appropriate batteries and throttle management).

Weighing less than 5 kg, the ROVER is hand-launched and recovered by a belly landing making it available and responsive on short notice. The simplicity and ease of operation greatly reduce operator training and improve aircraft survivability.

A complete system consists of 2/4 ROVER UAV's ; A laptop PC Ground Control Station with programming and moving map mission display software; a DSS (Digital Spread Spectrum) telecommand link; antennas, cables and operational spares.


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