Surveillance UAV Systems

INTEGRATED DYNAMICS offers innovative UAV (Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle) systems. Our expanding line of aerial vehicles provide proven and reliable performance at unmatched cost. INTEGRATED DYNAMICS manufactures UAV systems for surveillance and civilian scientific that can be operated in both UAV (Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle) and RPV (Remotely Piloted Vehicle) modes with the incorporation of dedicated electronics and appropriate ground support equipment.

The ROVER, BORDER EAGLE, EXPLORER, HORNET, HAWK, VISION, SHADOW, and VECTOR UAV systems feature airframes that are designed for conventional landing and take-off and can be modified for ramp-launch and parachute recovery systems.

Our line of civilian UAVís includes the two-man operable ROVER and EXPLORER systems.

We provide a full line of ground support equipment (GSE). Pneumatic catapult launcher systems, net and ground-arrester recovery systems are also available.

Advanced Day/Night EO payloads, including gyro-stabilized platforms, laser rangefinders and image intensifiers are available for our surveillance UAV systems.

Custom applications and developments are welcomed. If you want an OEM payload fitted - we can customize our airframes and command and control links to install and operate a payload of your choice.

Border Eagle
Vision MK-I
Vision MK-II
Hawk MK-V