About Us

INTEGRATED DYNAMICS is located in Karachi, Pakistan and provides design, consultancy and turn-key project commissioning for Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle (UAV) systems. We have over two decades of development and operational experience and a skilled team of aerospace, software, digital electronics, electrical, mechanical, adaptive control system design engineers. We can assist you from the ground up in the rapid completion of your project from the conceptual stage to actual prototype flight tests in the shortest possible time.

INTEGRATED DYNAMICS is a full supply source for everything you need to get a UAV/RPV project in the air including Platforms, Flight control systems, C4I systems, Data links, Payloads, Ground Support Equipment, We also provide a full line of accessories such as Ground Support Equipment (GSE), APU's, Starters, Battery management systems, and Launch and Recovery systems. Also offered are UAV Pilot and System training programs.

Our Civilian UAV systems are designed for electronic news gathering, police surveillance, border and coastal patrol requiring no more than two crew members to operate.

Export restrictions apply. The sale of certain products is subject to an end-user certification and approval by the Government of Pakistan.